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        調速型蠕動泵流量范圍0.00011-575毫升/分鐘;工作轉速0.1-150轉/分鐘;具有正反,啟停,全速(清洗),調速等基本功能外,另外還可通過“簡易分裝鍵”實現定時定量輸送液體的功能。在RS485通訊中,因為采用了MODBUS協議,更易于與其他控制設備如計算機,人機界面,PLC等連接。 BT101S type speed peristaltic pump flow range 0.00011-575 - ml/min; Working speed 0.1-150 r/min; Have positive and negative, start-stop, full speed (cleaning), the basic function such as speed, it also can be achieved through "simple packaging" timing quantitative conveying fluid. In RS485 communication, because using the MODBUS protocol, more easily with other control equipment such as computer, man-machine interface, PLC connection, etc. 功能及特點 Function and characteristics of the ? 4位LED數碼管顯示轉速和工作模式; ? four LED digital tube display speed and working mode; ? LED指示燈顯示正反,內控、外控、腳踏開關等工作 狀態; LED indicator light display positive and negative, internal control and external control and pedal switch working state; ? 面膜按鍵操作; ? mask button operation; ? 具有啟停、正反、全速,調速、狀態記憶(掉電記憶)等功能; , with a start-stop, positive and negative, at full speed, speed control, state memory (power lost memory), and other functions; ? 簡易分裝控制,實現重復傳輸定量液體的功能; Can be controlled, easy packing, repeat transmission function of quantitative liquid; ? 轉速分辨率0.1-100轉/分鐘時為0.1;100-150轉/分鐘時為1; 0.1-100 - RPM, speed resolution of 0.1; 100-150 RPM for 1; ? 驅動器流線型塑料外殼設計,產品外觀專利保護,美觀實用; Streamlined plastic shell, drives design, product appearance patent protection, beautiful and practical; ? 大扭矩輸出,可以安裝不同泵頭,實現不同泵頭于驅動器組合; High torque output, can install different pump head, implement different pump head to drive combination; ? 內部結構采用雙層式隔離設計,電路板加噴三防漆工藝,達到防塵防潮效果; Double deck isolation design for its internal structure, circuit boards and anti-corrosion spray paint process, have dustproof moistureproof effect; ? 超強的抗干擾特性,寬電壓設計,適用于復雜的供電環境; Strong anti-interference characteristics, wide voltage design, suitable for complicated power supply environment; ? 外控高低電平控制啟停,正反,簡易分裝,光耦隔離;外控模擬量調節轉速; Outside, accused of high and low level control start-stop, positive and negative, easy packing, optical coupling isolation; External control analog regulating speed; ? RS485通訊,支持MODBUS協議,方便與各種控制設備連接; RS485 communication, support the MODBUS protocol, convenient and various control devices and connectivity; ? 可實現外部腳踏開關控制起?;驎r間分配器控制起停,實現簡易分配灌裝功能; Foot switch, which can realize external control start-stop or time allocator control start-stop, realize simple distribution of filling function;



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