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        One, the machine by the main drive system, bottle feeding system, pump head filling and distribution group of filling system, for the plug and tamponade group of belt system, electric control system of new structure is reasonable. 

        2. The pump source adopts the peristaltic pump to make full use of the characteristics of peristaltic pump. The structure is simple and the pump body has no contact with the liquid, so no cleaning and disinfection of the pump body is needed. 

        The pump is driven by stepping motor or servo motor. The control of PLC is simple and easy to adjust. The output can be adjusted at any time in the working state. The accuracy can be up to plus or minus 2% 

        Three, the machine only four pump source, drive 8 needles to filling (that is, each pump head drive two needle) greatly simplify the mechanical structure, the whole machine volume, adjust the filling quantity is simple, easy disassembly cleaning and sanitation. 

        4. Few materials, only change the silicone tube on time, economical and practical. 



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